The Tavern

Elf in the Corner

Our adventure begins in the plane of Aurora, on the continent of Diz, with Astrid Moonstrider, a Human Paladin of Heironious, entering the local tavern to respond to a plea for help to rid the areas surrounding the town of an army of undead. Immediately upon entering the tavern, she sees an Elven Cleric of Ehllona speaking loudly, but can’t articulate what she’s saying. The rest of the tavern is filled with a group of men, an older man sitting on his own, and an elf sitting in the corner, listening attentively to the Cleric. She approaches the elf and asks if he knows what the Cleric is speaking about and if she is in the tavern frequently. He tells her that she is a Cleric of Ehllona and that she is preaching, but leaves it at that, as he is still listening to her. Frustrated, Astrid approaches the older gentleman and asks him the same line of questions. Fortunately, he is much more helpful and informs her of the undead problem in the surrounding areas, though he asks her to speak to the Cleric to have her cease her preaching.

She approaches the Cleric and asks her what it is she is doing. She discovers the Cleric’s name is Raevella Bearcharger and informs Astrid that she is chanting a spell to protect the town from the encroaching undead army, but the people of the town are trying to make her leave the tavern. She is also extraordinarily frustrated that she’s trying to protect the townspeople with her chanting and they’re giving her a hard time by trying to make her leave. The bartender interrupts the conversation, which irritates Astrid to the point of swearing at him. Heironious intervenes and asks the Paladin to behave appropriately. She then begins to question him regarding the job flier. He instructs her that the undead are flocking to an old keep about a mile down the road and suspects there is a Necromancer behind it. Suddenly, there is a loud commotion as a large fight has broken out within the tavern. Amongst the throng of fighters emerges an intensely inebriated Scout, Shela Evergreen. The bartender advises them that this scout is an excellent archer and could be of great help to them. After agreeing to split the reward with her, they agree to set out after the Scout has sobered up and cleaned herself up.

Later on the Scout tells the group that the bartender was mistaken in saying the keep is a mile away; it is actually four miles away. They all set out and are two miles into their trek when the Scout stops abruptly and commands everyone to drop to the ground. While hiding they see an enormous army of undead trudging by. Twelve members of the undead army start to creep in their direction, and in an effort to save themselves, the Cleric attempts to invoke the presence of Ehllona to obliterate the undead. When this fails three of them charge the Cleric, one tripping, and two attempting to attack her. The Scout is still in hiding and after being discovered by the fallen undead soldier she is able roll out of dangers way. Unbeknownst to the group a trap had been previously set by an Elven Sorceress by the name of Abigail Raven. Perched up on the clifftops are dozens of enormous boulders; she triggers the trap using her magic missile spell and the boulders crush the undead. Though furious the group ruined her trap to kill the entire undead army, she joins in when a portion of the loot and reward money are promised to her.

It is this point that the Scout informs the group that she will be going ahead of them and following the army to figure out where they are going and their numbers. She asks the group to meet her back at the tavern in a fortnight. Once the dilapidated keep is within sight the group decides to make camp for the night. In the area near the campsite they see signs of an obvious struggle and what appear to be marks of a body being dragged, which leads them to assume that their Scout has been discovered and captured.



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