Perils of Diz

In the plane of Aurora, on the Continent of Diz, there have been many an unnatural phenomena causing the dead to rise from their graves; dead from every era ‘til now. None seem to know why this phenomena is occurring, but some believe it has to do with the shards that have been raining down from the heavens since the end of the Great War. Wizards from High Rock have been studying these shards, but have come up with no real answers, only that these shards are magical. Now tension between the nations is rising, and old alliances are crumbling. The Kingdom of Diz cannot spread its forces anymore than they already have. The King has commissioned Heroes and adventurers alike to aid in the protection of villages, towns, and cities that are just beyond the reach of Diz’s forces. Quests for those heroes are posted on job boards, in inns, and also taverns, which is where our story begins.

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The Tavern

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